Useful Things

Work and Study

Postdoctoral Advisor (NRL)

Don Sofge
Artificial intelligence, distributed computing, artificial neural networks, control systems engineering, computer engineering.

Scholar in Residence Host (AFRL)

Derek Kingston
UAVs, cooperative control, estimation, decentralized control.

Postdoctoral Advisor (MIT)

Emilio Frazzoli
Planning and control of autonomous vehicles, mobile robotics, and transportation networks.

PhD Advisor and Committee

Nikolaus Correll (advisor)
Multi-agent robotic systems, smart materials.

Eric Frew
Multi-agent UAV systems, distributed sensing.

Rick Han
Wireless sensor networks, mobile social networks.

Jason Marden
Game theoretic control of distributed systems.

Michael Mozer
Cognitive science, machine learning.

Gaurav Sukhatme
Distributed robotic systems, aquatic environmental monitoring.

Richard Voyles
Distributed/reconfigurable/grasping robotics, wireless sensor/actuator/control networks.

Master's Advisors and Committee

Greg Grudic (advisor)
Machine learning, robotics.

Jane Mulligan (co-advisor)
Machine vision, robotics.

Michael Mozer
See PhD committee.

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