Motion and Teaming Laboratory (Mo-T Lab)



Postdoctoral Scholars

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Ph.D. Students

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  • Mohamed Khalid M. Jaffar
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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  • Ollie Rodriguez
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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  • Loy McGuire
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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  • Alex Mendelsohn
  • Computer Science (CMCS)
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  • Dalan Loudermilk
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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Master's of Science Students

At the moment none, but we are always looking for good people! All of my six former M.S. students have either continued on to a Ph.D. or are gainfully employed. See the Mo-T Lab Alumni section below for placement details.

Master's of Engineering Interns

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  • Bharath Reddy Bora
  • Robotics (MAGE)
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External Collaborators and Exchange Students

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  • Jae-Kyung Cho
  • Exchange Student (ECE)
  • Seoul National University (SNU)
  • Republic of Korea
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  • Aditya Savio Paul
  • Collaborator
  • University of Tartu
  • Republic of Estonia
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Undergraduate Researchers

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  • Chris Martinez Reina
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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  • Jared Allanigue
  • Aerospace Engineering (ENAE)
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  • Darius Lukas
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

High School Student Researchers

We typically have between one and four high school researchers in the lab, depending on the year and time of year. See our note regarding the on-line privacy of minors.


Mo-T Lab Alumni

Master's of Science Alumni

  • Ryan Ernandis (ENAE, 2020), M.S. Thesis: "Sampling based motion planning for minimizing uncertainty with Stewart platforms." Placement: Astrobotic
  • Akshay Vinay Bapat (ENSE, 2020, Co-Advised with Jeffrey Herrmann), M.S. Thesis: "Development of a multi-agent task allocation algorithm for low communication scenarios." Placement: Magna International (Robotics Test Engineer).
  • Sharan Nayak (ENAE, 2020), Non-Thesis Option. Placement: Ongoing Ph.D. student in the Mo-T Lab.
  • Aditya Savio Paul (University of Tartu, Estonia, 2020, External Co-Advisor), M.S. Thesis: "Autonomous motion planning for spacecrafts near small solar systembodies: simultaneously refining the gravitational field model andre-planning gravity dependant maneuvers." Placement: Tartu Observatory.
  • Loy McGuire Loy McGuire (ENAE, 2020,), M.S. Thesis ``Overcomming local minima through viscoelastic fluid-inspired swarm behavior.'' Placement: Ongoing Ph.D. student in the Mo-T Lab.
  • Anshuman Singh (ENSE, 2021, Co-Advised with Huan Xu), M.S. Thesis: "Proof of concept for pair based approach for swarm robotics." Placement: Ulendo Software Solutions for Manufacturing Automation.

Master's of Engineering Alumni

  • Manas Gupta (M.Eng. Robotics, 2019, Co-Advised with Huan Xu), Placement: Torc Robotics.
  • Shivang Patel (M.Eng. Robotics, 2019, Co-Advised with Huan Xu), Placement: University of West Verginia Ph.D. Program.
  • Pranav Dhulipala (M.Eng. Robotics, 2019, Co-Advised with Huan Xu), Placement: Microsoft.

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Marvellous Achugbu
  • James Bollinger
  • Andres Christensen
  • Charles Demery
  • Justin DeVito
  • Zachary Hoover
  • Neel Godhani
  • Savya Konkalmatt
  • Brian Lee
  • Ryland Lillibridge
  • Kevin Lin
  • Miles Jones
  • Paul Motter
  • Hridoy Rozario
  • Noah Schultz
  • William Sherman
  • Leon Stevenson
  • Mya Thompkins
  • Richard Yu

High School Alumni

  • The work done by our twelve previous and ongoing high school interns has been awesome! We error on the side of privacy with respect to listing the names of minors on-line. So, if you were/are a high school intern in the Mo-T Lab and would like to be listed here, and are now old enough to make that decision legally, then let Dr. Otte know and we will be happy to add you! Otherwise, if you are a minor and would like to be listed then please have your parent/legal guardian provide their permission via email to Dr. Otte and we will be happy to add you!


Facilities and Test Platforms

Indoor UAV Test Space

netted indoor flying area
  • Vicon Motion Capture System
  • Safety Nets
various UAV platforms
  • Various UAVs
  • Platforms from: Bitcraze, Parrot, Intel, etc.
  • Custom Platforms

kilobot Swarm Robot Testbed

kilobot Testbed with 200 robots
  • 200+ robots
  • Overhead Programmer (I/O, Controller)
  • Overhead Light Projector
  • Light Intensity Control
  • Overhead Camera
  • Multi-Robot Charging Station
kilobot Testbed with 200 robots
  • Light Intensity Sensor
  • Inferred Communication
  • Vibration Based Locomotion
  • Multicolor LED

Turtlebot3 Team

Turtlebot3 Team
  • 6 Turtlebot3 Burger platforms
  • Laser Scanars
  • Stereo Cameras
  • RGB Cameras
  • Custom Actuators
foam and gravel testbed
  • Gravel and Foam Testbed

Additional Shared Resources

Fearless Flight Facility (F3)
foam and gravel testbed

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